Loneliness- An inevitable truth of my life


What should we do with our lives in today’s time? Many things obviously but while prioritizing them the most important is to shatter the loneliness that make us alone in the huge mass of So-called friends around us.

The conflict in the mind about the friends and So-called ones devours us the intellect of reality that the search of the real one has just started and cobwebs of pseudo friendship needs to be broken for successful journey. The biggest question that arises here is how one can realise that the ultimate quest has reached the destination. Well it is a difficult question or is it…?

I believe when I will get someone I can make a cup of tea for, when someone starts hating my absence more than loving my presence that is when I will win. We all for at least once in life have experienced the essence of being alone in the crowd but then some of us take the path of denial while others accept it and experience the unbearable pain curtained behind it. Either ways is hurts and hurts bad. Loneliness has its associations with it. It is a very long, intolerable pain. There was never a place for me in the scenes of life. I had become a living fantasy on a theme in black, unending requiem. I tried to make another world within the world so that things become simpler but in a way complicated them. I caused dreams that turned into nightmares. Well in the end it led to pain for some and I became the reason for it.

Today I have dared to take a halt to think and decide the course on which I promise myself that it is ok if I can’t bring smile on someone’s face but I will not be the reason behind their tears, it is better for me to be lonely rather than forcing myself on to them…

-theunsungtraveler (in the journey of life)