India-a cultural amalgamation

While travelling through the length and breadth of the INDIA, one thing which is must being noticed is,’Unity in diversity’. A traditional folk dance of Ladakh in which group of young men and women celebrate life to the fullest. In the blanket of mighty Himalayas this small town of Leh is a masterpiece of natural beauty.

Land beyond mountains


-Leh, India

This place has many laurels on its name. It has world’s highest battlefield, highest motor-able road in the world, highest airport in the world and much more.

But what I saw and experienced here is land far more peaceful and serene as compared to the outside world. Yes, I call our world as an outside world to the people here because they live in a beautiful cocoon free from rat race, hatred and above all pollution. They have formed a world of their own where people do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion or wealth.


-Thikse Monastery, Leh, India

When I visited the Thikse and Shey monasteries here I realized, that we keep on running after materialistic things which will all be lost in the end and Monks here live such a simple yet joyful life.

Here mountains shine as made of iron and sunlight is so harsh that it can burn you hide in minutes yet you don’t feel the heat of life.


-Magnetic Hill, Leh, India

Magnetic hill not only pulls vehicle upward but also pulls all the negative energy away from you. It might be difficult here to walk long distance due to lack of oxygen yet it’s easy to make life’s journey.