A Childhood Dream

Picture1-Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

In my childhood, I dreamt of living in this castle. Millions across the world can relate to my dream. J.K. Rowling wrote one of my favorite books of all time and Warner Bros. made an epic out of it, taking us to a journey through the Diagon Alley into the Malfoy Manor, from Privet Drive to Godric’s Hollow. I was fascinated about going to Hogwarts one day, study in class of Professor McGonagall and have a principal like Albus Dumbledore.

-Hogwats express, Universal Studios, CA

-Flying Car (Harry Porter), Universal Studios, CA

While visiting Universal Studios, Los Angeles, all these memories flashed in front of my eyes and it felt like fulfilling a childhood dream.

Bavaria-every traveler’s dream



In my journey to explore new worlds, I travelled German state of Bavaria the fall of 2017. It was a part of my class curriculum that I got chance to visit THI Ingolstadt. I must say it was a different world for me. I used to hear stories of beauty of Germany from my friends but never imagined the extent of it.


-Ringlerstraße 17, Ingolstadt

Most of my visits with the group were to local companies there with a purpose to learn from their wonderful methods to manufacture products that rule the world. I got chance to visit BMW Welt Munich, Audi Museum Ingolstadt, Continental Ingolstadt and many other world famous companies. By the way I clicked the above picture on the street outside Continental.


Nature mesmerized me at every step here. It was sunshine in the morning, rain in the afternoon and snow in the night. Well I must admit i was kind of unprepared for such weather.

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On the last day of my visit I went to Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleissheim in Munich and fell in love with it. I got lost here which is by far one of the best places i visited in my life (Not to mention, I am a Mechanical engineer and my passion is Aerospace). I kept on reading the display charts one after the other for 5 hours till I realized I have to go back as had a plan to meet someone in the evening.

Well I would say if this is what is called making first impression count, Bavaria you were spot on. I will return pretty soon ‘PROST’.

Land beyond mountains


-Leh, India

This place has many laurels on its name. It has world’s highest battlefield, highest motor-able road in the world, highest airport in the world and much more.

But what I saw and experienced here is land far more peaceful and serene as compared to the outside world. Yes, I call our world as an outside world to the people here because they live in a beautiful cocoon free from rat race, hatred and above all pollution. They have formed a world of their own where people do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion or wealth.


-Thikse Monastery, Leh, India

When I visited the Thikse and Shey monasteries here I realized, that we keep on running after materialistic things which will all be lost in the end and Monks here live such a simple yet joyful life.

Here mountains shine as made of iron and sunlight is so harsh that it can burn you hide in minutes yet you don’t feel the heat of life.


-Magnetic Hill, Leh, India

Magnetic hill not only pulls vehicle upward but also pulls all the negative energy away from you. It might be difficult here to walk long distance due to lack of oxygen yet it’s easy to make life’s journey.